A world where those who are determined to escape poverty are given the opportunity to do so, on their own terms.


We connect people living in poverty with people who care. Through direct, unconditional cash transfers.

We do this by:

  • Providing weekly cash donations and financial training for a period of 100 weeks
  • Measuring impact through mobile surveys and sharing the data with donors
  • Utilizing a platform and digital innovations

100WEEKS Core Values

Equality is the fundamental principle underlying everything we do.

You are respected for who you are, as a member of our team, as a partner, as a donor or as a participant in our program. Every human being is unique and that is why we can learn from each other.

We appreciate and encourage each other’s input and put the best ideas into practice. Together, we are building a more equal world.

We believe every human being to be capable and self-sufficient.
We grant people the trust and freedom required to grow and develop themselves on their own terms. This calls for responsibility, perseverance and purpose on their part.


We are an open organization. We conduct our business in a transparent fashion and strive to connect people worldwide as directly as possible.

We are unambiguous and proactive in communicating what we do to others. We are honest about the results we achieve - and about those we fail to achieve. We offer evidence supporting our methods, drawing on careful research and clear-cut reporting, thus inspiring others.

We follow the ‘do no harm’ principle. We are always aware of the consequences of our actions and take responsibility for all our decisions. The interests of and our commitment to the women participating in our program are the main drivers of our choices.

Sincere caring is what sets us apart. What we say is in line with what we do and how we feel.

Think different

Our goal is to have real impact. We aim to reach massive numbers on a global scale. Everything we do is scalable. This allows us to maximize results.

Alternative perspectives and methods are normal for us. We never do anything just because ‘that’s the way it’s always been done’. Instead, we challenge ourselves in everything we do, always looking for a more efficient, smarter and easier way of organizing things. We challenge others to join us in doing so.

We are constantly on the lookout for opportunities and new developments. When something is complicated, we make it simple. We use digital innovations wherever possible. We are critical of our own work and honest and direct with each other, because generating real impact is what drives us.