Bridging the gap to a living income in 100WEEKS

The Living Income Program is one of two primary programs carried out by 100WEEKS. This program focuses on smallholder farmers who produce crops that sustain the value chains of large companies, e.g. coffee or cocoa. Supporting smallholder farmers with a combination of cash transfers, training and saving group meetings, enables families to bridge the gap to a living income, helping them develop alternative income-generating activities, increase crop yields and improve financial planning at family level.

The program also helps participants gain credentials such as the Rainforest Alliance certification for sustainable agricultural practice.

The LI-program consists of a combination of direct cash transfers, weekly training and savings group meetings. Weekly transfers, program duration, types of training and data collection are all customized according to customer needs.

Weekly meetings are led by a coach and offer training in financial literacy, entrepreneurial skills, life skills and best agricultural practices.

This program is a more recent addition to 100WEEKS, meaning less long-term data are available concerning its effects. Early measurements show particularly strong impact on the community level. The surrounding environment also benefits, as agricultural practices develop in a more sustainable direction. Poaching and illegal logging are also seen less frequently as recipients become less dependent on them for revenue.

Companies and donors that fund this program have privileged, personal access to a dashboard monitoring the impact of the program on dozens of indicators. We also offer access to our cash-tracking platform, where recipients can be registered, payments tracked and impact measured.

Working with partners worldwide

The 100WEEKS program and platform are designed to be exponentially scalable. The program is always implemented through the 100WEEKS platform in collaboration with local partners, such as cocoa of coffee cooperatives. We employ a minimum of ground staff, preferring to cooperate with existing organizations local to the countries we work in: Rwanda, Ghana, Uganda and Ivory Coast. We also frequently team up with international business and other global aid organizations.

This is only possible with your support

In the fight against poverty, we do not stand alone. Our donor-base has grown exponentially over the last few years as more and more people have learned about cash transfers. Join us in our effort to eradicate poverty for good!

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'A win-win for our cocoa farmers'

'A win-win for our cocoa farmers'

“100WEEKS is an innovative platform organization delivering mobile money and training to cocoa farmers in our extended supply chain, to help them kickstart alternative income generating activities. Their cutting edge phone survey technology allows us to see the impact we are creating together swiftly and transparently, while increasing digital access for farming communities. A real win-win-win.”

 Ilaria | Former Senior Manager Sustainable Sourcing Unilever |