100WEEKS: a platform for giving cash directly

We connect people who care, with women living in extreme poverty, offering them a cash+ program that consists of temporary cash support and financial training in small savings groups.

Women receive weekly cash donations on provided mobile phones. We monitor the impact of our intervention using cutting-edge survey technology, allowing us to collect data at low cost.

Hundreds of families worldwide have already escaped poverty through our program. As we scale up, so will tens of thousands more.

How it works

Donors give money.

100WEEKS targets women living in extreme poverty.

Selected women receive training, and money on provided mobile phones.

100WEEKS collects data on progress and shares this with donors.

Forging direct connections

100WEEKS is the only direct-giving organization that establishes a direct connection between its donors and recipients. We link our donors, both private and institutional, to one or more specific groups of women and keep them up to date on their development as they progress through the program. Our donors know the names of every woman they give money to.

Training and savings groups

100WEEKS participants come together on a weekly basis in so-called village savings and loan associations (VSLAs) and receive training in financial literacy, entrepreneurship and life skills. The savings groups function as peer groups that provide social and emotional support.

Working worldwide with local partners

The 100WEEKS method is designed to be exponentially scalable. The essence of the program is the digital platform it provides to others. We employ a minimum of ground staff, preferring to cooperate with existing organizations local to the countries we work in: Rwanda, Ghana, Uganda and Ivory Coast.

Watch: how Jacqueline escaped poverty

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