A unique service platform

Through our groundbreaking online platform, donors and companies are linked tot recipients. You can immediately see what your support is doing.

The dashboard shows the impact of the program on dozens of indicators, it even shows you how many meals the families are now able to eat per day!

Forging direct connections

100WEEKS is a direct-giving organization that establishes a direct connection between its donors and recipients. We link our donors, both private and institutional, to one or more specific groups of recipients and keep them up to date on their development as they progress through the program. The impact of our intervention can be assessed through a cutting-edge dashboard, providing real-time data on dozens of indicators relevant to poverty reduction, including the multi-dimensional poverty index (MPI) and income.


Open to third parties

100WEEKS delivers white-label services through our platform for third parties. Through our work we have developed very specific expertise in a number of fields. As a result, there are various services we can provide for your organization in the countries where we work: Rwanda, Uganda, Ivory Coast and Ghana. These services range from selection and online registration with KYC-procedures, cash transfers at scale with an audit trail, training in different topics, to monitoring and evaluation using face-to-face and mobile surveys.

All our services are supported by a business process management system that local organizations use for program management and participant selection. Local organizations are in full control of their program, powered by 100WEEKS.

Specific services we provide include:

1. Regular transfer of micropayments

We can deliver individually targeted micropayments through mobile-money platforms at an exponential scale and provide an audit trail. For 100WEEKS, reaching those considered out of reach of the financial system and traditional aid programs is everyday business.

2. Training and coaching

We have a local framework in place for delivering coaching and training sessions at an exponential scale. The modular training curriculum includes training in empowerment, setting up a VSLA, business incubation and acceleration, financial literacy, agricultural practices and life skills such as hygiene, nutrition and family planning.

3. Mobile surveys and impact measurement

From call centers, to data-processing to survey technology: 100WEEKS can conduct research and polling in areas where others can't. Using state-of-the-art software, we will be able to help you conduct a baseline study, follow-up mobile surveys or measure the impact of your program. We can customize the survey questionnaires using tested questions.

Our final objective is to become a self-supporting organization supported by the revenue these services bring.

Working with partners worldwide

The 100WEEKS program and platform are designed to be exponentially scalable. The program is always implemented through the 100WEEKS platform in collaboration with local partners. We employ a minimum of ground staff, preferring to cooperate with existing organizations local to the countries we work in: Rwanda, Ghana, Uganda and Ivory Coast. We also frequently team up with international business and other global aid organizations.

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