Report: "Cash transfers for food and futures"

Can cash transfers also be used to improve food security in situations of fragility? 100WEEKS founder Gitte Buch was part of the reference group for a project on this question. The project was coordinated by the Broker and led to a comprehensive report on the topic.

Cash transfers are gaining momentum. They are proven to be effective instruments to contribute to food and nutrition security as well as resilience against shocks. The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs acknowledges this and wants to scale up its implementation of cash transfer programs.

The Broker noticed that concerning the specific relationship between food security, fragility and cash transfers, a knowledge gap persists. For this reason, the Broker coordinated a multi-knowledge platform partnership with INCLUDE, Netherlands Food Partnership, and Knowledge Platform Security and Rule of Law specifically on this relationship.

The report stresses the great potential of cash transfers in contributing to food and nutrition security and building resilient communities in fragile contexts. At the same time, the complexity of this "triple nexus" is stressed, providing clear recommendations on how to maximize results.

The report can be found and downloaded on the website of the Broker.