Meet our new marketing team: A fresh perspective on our mission!

At 100WEEKS, we always strive to increase our impact and spread our message in new and powerful ways. With this goal in mind, we have assembled a talented team dedicated to strengthening our mission and increasing engagement.

Our passionate team of marketers is committed to creating informative donor communication, sharing inspiring stories on social media with compelling visual content, and building valuable partnerships.

What inspired them to join our marketing team and what do they enjoy most about working at 100WEEKS?

Jurrian Veldhuizen, Lead Marketing & Communication

Over the past year, I have worked extensively in the field for 100WEEKS from Uganda. There, and also in the Netherlands, I noticed how many people actually didn't know about 100WEEKS, and I thought: how is that possible? I am convinced that we have found the most effective and efficient way to lift people sustainably out of extreme poverty. And we have the data to prove it. Now it's up to me and this team to tell that story and take everyone along. Poverty alleviation is not a dull story at all; it is a sustainable investment in the future of us all.

Martine Wijnstra, Partnerships, Marketing & Communication

Because more people need to know about 100WEEKS! Our approach really sets us apart from other NGOs: instead of dictating how women should escape poverty, we trust in their abilities and let them determine their own path. I feel a strong connection to the mission of 100WEEKS, and my background in international development studies has shown me where things go wrong in the development sector. I am grateful to work for an organization that I believe in.

Chrissie Nugteren, Intern Marketing & Communication

During my travels in East Africa, I got to know 100WEEKS and saw the effectiveness firsthand. After that, I continued to follow 100WEEKS, and the opportunity for an internship in Marketing & Communication came at just the right time. It feels good to contribute to real impact that you can actually see and then report back to the donors. Telling a story and getting people excited about something you are passionate about is the most enjoyable thing there is.