Goodbye, Gitte Büch: a personal note from our departing founder

Dear 100WEEKS friends,

Eight years ago Jeroen and I boarded a plane bound for Rwanda with 10,000 euros in our pockets. Money given to us by friends and family members who believed in our idea: to give money to people in extreme poverty. Jacqueline was the first woman to receive eight euros in mobile money. The look on her face is forever burned into my mind's eye. A mix of hope and disbelief. Would the weekly payments really continue for 100 weeks? Was her life and that of her family about to improve? I was full of anticipation myself. Fabrice, our country director at the time, would call us every week to give me an update, teaching us about the daily reality of direct giving in the process. We've improved the program a lot since, mainly by paying heed to what the women need and listening closely to our local partners. The good news: it works! Thousands of women have followed in Jacqueline's footsteps, escaping poverty through 100 weeks of cash and training. After Rwanda, we expanded into Uganda, Ghana and Ivory Coast.

The last few years were an incredible rollercoaster ride. We achieved amazing results. I am really proud of our team and everything we've accomplished together.

100WEEKS is about to enter a new phase in its development. For me this is a good time to renew my connection tot 100WEEKS. I will join the Advisory Board and become an ambassador for our organization, remaining committed tot our cause, albeit in a different way.

100WEEKS would never have achieved this level of success without the faith many people placed in us. To me, that was an amazing experience in itself. Something that really pushed me to give my very best. Thanks for the support! We will continue to fight for a world in which the poorest, women in particular, also have a voice and a place at the table. It is not only our moral duty, but something the entire community can benefit from.

A loving goodbye,