Annual report 2022: a new perspective on poverty

Annual report 2022: a new perspective on poverty

Our annual report on 2022 was published today. A chance to reflect on a year of exponential growth that strongly focussed on the continued development of our Living Income program.

The report bears the title Paradigm Shift, a reference to the radical shift in thinking required to eradicate global poverty for good. Poverty is not lack of opportunity or ability. It is a shortage of money. It can be fought by the same means.

Our Living Income program focuses on smallholder farmers that support global agricultural supply chains for products like coffee and cocoa. These farmers often don’t earn enough to support themselves. 100WEEKS gives them a chance to invest in alternative sources of income.

2022 was yet another year of exponential growth for 100WEEKS. Though our program in Ivory Coast remains our largest, our center of gravity shifted eastward as Rwanda and Uganda saw rapid growth. Our stated goal of onboarding ten thousand women before the end of the current year looks well within reach.

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