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Good to see you. Magnum has teamed up with the international NGO 100WEEKS to further support the women in cocoa communities from Côte d’Ivoire, who play a vital role in producing the delicious cocoa beans used to make Magnum chocolate.

Give money, change a life


Magnum and 100WEEKS kicked off their collaboration in 2020 with the Pleasure Imagined campaign, which was able to support the first cohort of 198 women and men from Ivorian cocoa farming communities to earn earn a living through passion projects. This World Chocolate & Cocoa Day, Magnum announced its commitment to to empower 5,000 women from cocoa farming communities Côte d’Ivoire by 2025. This will be brought to life using key partnerships like the one between Magnum and 100WEEKS, which provides women with weekly mobile payments and series of trainings, such as entrepreneurial and financial training. Gaining access to these services will enable these women to invest in and develop sustainable livelihoods, changing their lives for the better.

This is why Magnum has launched AWA by Magnum, to shine light on and help raise additional donations for women in Magnum’s cocoa farming network. This is in addition to Magnum’s commitment to support the cocoa farming community through its investment of €25M to fund its wider cocoa impact programmes for female empowerment and beyond. By donating here, you can support these women through 100WEEKS’ direct and unconditional cash transfer programme, which will make a significant change to their daily lives.

Learn more about AWA by Magnum here: awabymagnum.com

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