Hi Magnum fan,

Good to see you. Magnum has teamed up with the international NGO 100WEEKS and has pledged to donate €250,000 to support women in cocoa communities who harvest the delicious cocoa beans used to make Magnum chocolate.

Give money, change a life


Due to the impact of COVID-19 they need our support now more than ever. Magnum is working with 100WEEKS to support these women by providing them with a two-year unconditional cash transfer, training in entrepreneurship and skills to generate additional income diversification activities.

With the help of Magnum’s global community 100WEEKS would like to double the number of women Magnum supports. This is why Magnum has launched Pleasure Imagined, a digital art exhibition to help raise additional donations for women farmers within the Magnum network, to help them make a significant change to their daily lives.

We will keep you updated on our positive impact in real time.

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