Graduating out of poverty

The 100WEEKS-method draws on the Graduation Approach, as pioneered by BRAC and further developed by CGAP. We provide cash and training to people living in extreme poverty which allows them to establish sustainable livelihoods on their own terms.

We believe that almost all people living in poverty have the capacity to improve their situation. They simply lack the means. A temporary financial intervention can change their lives forever. As little as 8 euros a week for 100 weeks.

Escaping poverty in 4 steps


1. Overcome scarcity

People living in extreme poverty are often stuck in a survival mindset: their next meal is all that matters. Once their basic needs are met, they are able to focus on the future.


2. Invest in a better future

No longer engaged in a daily struggle for survival, 100WEEKS-participants shift their focus. Most women invest in a new small business, expand an existing one, or buy land and livestock.


3. Increase human capital

The women receive training in financial literacy, entrepreneurship and life skills in peer groups. Through mutual support their social capital is increased.


4. Escaping poverty

During the two years the program lasts, the women develop sustainable livelihoods. After 100 weeks, most have sustainably moved out of poverty.

Endgame: Financial inclusion and a better life

Living in poverty can ingrain a scarcity mindset. Habits need to be changed and skills learned before a woman can break this self-perpetuating cycle. A better financial position creates preconditions for improvement in other areas of the women’s lives, including health, educational opportunity and social empowerment. After graduating from the 100WEEKS program, many of the women have become eligible for their first microcredit.