Monitoring and evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation

Being in the know

We continuously monitor the effectiveness of our program through phone surveys carried out by local pop-up call centers.

Using state-of the art software provided by Nebu, our operators are able to feed responses directly into a central repository which is linked to our central SQL-database through Nebu’s API, allowing for easy visualization and analysis of all data gathered.


In addition to these phone surveys, we conduct more extensive face-to-face interviews with each woman before and after the program. Together, the data gathered through these CAPI (Computer-Assisted Personal Interviews) and CATI (Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviews) survey rounds form the backbone of 100WEEKS' Monitoring and Evaluation ecosystem. This method is cost-effective and provides us with a steady flow of fresh insights from the field.

Communicating the results

We relay the results of our surveys directly to our donors. They have unparalleled insight into the impact of their donations.

Update sent out to donors

Data-monitoring dashboard

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Measuring impact

We continue to monitor participants’ progress after the 100WEEKS program ends to determine the level of lasting impact. One of our first groups of participants graduated from the program in 2017 and an in-house study conducted two years later has shown that the women were still far better off than they were before the program.